Gluten-Free Italian Style Buffalo Meat Ravioli in Egg Dough - 10 PC, About 11.5 OZ

Our goal with this ravioli was to create pasta reminiscent of good Italian sausage. The fennel and basil are particularly pronounced. We originally created this ravioli with soy instead of buffalo meat. We found the buffalo meat did a much better job of helping us achieve an Italian meatball approach. We're excited to now offer this in our new gluten-free dough!

We designed our GF pasta to be the best available anywhere, but you should know that it is made on a dedicated production line in the same general area as our gluten-based products. We believe our efforts to isolate our GF pasta have been successful as many Celiacs and gluten sensitive individuals have enjoyed our GF pasta since 2010, and we have independent lab tests confirming non-detect of gluten at 10 ppm. But if you are very sensitive to gluten, you should take into account that our facility is non-dedicated. For more information about this, click here.