Gluten-Free Pasta of the Month Club

Does plain generic gluten-free pasta leave you wanting more? Then do we have exciting news for you! Our gluten-free box is the flavorful subscription you’ve been looking for — and we’re quite proud of the result! Made with Brown Rice Flour, Organic Corn Flour, Organic Quinoa Flour, Tapioca Flour and Egg Whites, our gluten-free recipe took 6 years and 60 recipes to perfect. We know how limited gluten-free options can be, and we pride ourselves on having created the best gluten free pasta repertoire out there. With a cult-like following, our gluten free products will absolutely blow you away - good thing this box gives you a chance to try them all! Curated each month by our pasta professionals, it doesn’t get much better than monthly deliveries of pasta that meet the dietary & culinary needs of those with gluten-sensitivities.

What you’ll get:Two (9-oz) artisan gluten-free pastas, two brand new recipes created by our chefs exclusively for these pastas (and won't be released to others for 3 months), one curated specialty item (valued at $15-$20), and some fun swag!