Regions of the World - Pasta of the Month Club

Embark on a journey around the world each month with this Regions of the World Box that highlight regional cuisine ranging from North America to Asia to everywhere in between! Our products are made using time-tested Italian production methods, are small batched, infused with natural flavors from featured regions & then “slow” dried over a two day process. The result? A colorful, flavorful and textural pasta that can stand alone simply with minimal pairing, or as an international spring board for a more complex culinary masterpiece. If you enjoy traveling the world through food as much as we do, this is the box for you. Let’s go on vacation! Where are we headed this month? 

What you’ll get: Two (12-oz) artisan pastas, two brand new recipes created by our chefs exclusively for these pastas (and won't be released to others for 3 months), one curated specialty item (valued at $15-$20), and some fun swag!