Plain (No Egg) Pappardelle - 16 oz.

Of course we would have a noodle that reflects our namesake, but that wasn’t the real reason we created this pasta. No, the Pappardelle noodle cut, our largest size noodle at 16mm, is a cut that we take great pride in bringing to our customers. Why? Well, it’s generally not available at ordinary supermarkets, and it’s oftentimes difficult to find at even upscale gourmet grocery stores. We enjoy offering our customers a unique variety of products that simply are not available through ordinary sources.

The other reason we created this noodle was because we love it! This traditional noodle, a cousin to the smaller tagliatelle, was originally paired with wild boar sauces and rich hare sauces. The noodle is so popular that in Italy there are towns that have festivals honoring it. For example, the city of Gemmano in the Emilia-Romagna Region holds a festival every August called the Sagra delle Pappardelle al cinghiale (Pappardelle with wild boar festival).